Regulations of payment

The Administration provides the following electronic and interactive service abilities for Users:

upload of Users’ own files (including images, audio and video files) to the Service and provision of access to the uploaded files for third parties;

download of files of other Service Users;

use of technical facilities of the Service for shared File Sharing with other Users and third parties;

use of the Service for File Storing;

The Service works only as a transport for file sharing and has no legal responsibility for the content of a file. If you have any questions about the content of a file, please contact the file Owner, a User who has placed it in the Service.

A payment for extended options of Service is a payment for extensive Service facilities usage, such as a wider data transfer channel, and cannot be regarded as a file content purchase payment.

To obtain extended services you must select the most suitable method of payment on the special page and then follow the instructions that are given there.